National Jelly Bean Day April 22, 2011

This year try to do something different!  Plan ahead for National Jelly Bean Day on April 22cd!

Each year many people miss this delightfully sweet little holiday because they simply don’t know about it.  Not this year!

Not if Texas Treats can help it!

We here at Texas Treats are doing our very best to be sure ya’ll know about this special day  ahead of time!  And since National Jelly Bean Day falls on the Friday before Easter,  you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging yourself with these sweet little treats before they show up in your Easter Basket!

Speaking of Easter, did you know that Texas Easter Bunnies fill Easter baskets with Texas Jelly Beans?

We know since we help supply those Texas Easter Bunnies with Texas Size Jelly Beans!  Why Texas size?  Because everything’s bigger in Texas and Jelly Beans are no exception!  Our sweet Texas sized beauties come in the bright spring colors you will love to have in your Easter basket or your candy bowl… just may have to get a bigger basket or bowl to accommodate their size!

Bright colors for Spring! Everybody loves Jelly Beans! Assorted colors, packaged in 6 ounce and 1 pound bags!

Now for those of you who like their treats sweet and spicy, we offer our Texas-sized cinnamon jelly beans!  What a great gift idea for your sweet toothed friends…who are we kidding, we know you will not be able to give them away without trying these mouth watering treats for yourself!

Texas-sized cinnamon jelly beans. (1 lb. bag) Be sure you get enough to share!

Serve these Texas sized treats  in a bandanna lined bowl or your Easter Basket.

Either way you will be glad you thought ahead to order them!

Want to know more about the history of the Jelly Bean?  They do have quite a colorful history.

Here is a great little article from the LA Times  that will tell you more about the secret life of this sweet little goody.     click here

Remember, this year do something different………think ahead and order your Texas Jelly Beans in time for  National Jelly Bean day on April 22nd!  And don’t forget to help out your local Texas Easter Bunny by ordering the Texas Size Jelly Beans he needs to complete his deliveries!  We bet he will hop right over to thank you kindly for your help!

Can’t wait to hear from ya’ll!

The Texas Treats Team,

Linda, Mary and Rhonda

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