5 Quick And Easy Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

This Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day. Earth Day’s “Day” began in the United States in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Since then, April 22 has been widely honored as an important day for both environmentalists and non-environmentalists alike to acknowledge that the Earth needs to be cared for.

How about you? Are you an Earth Day fan or does the thought of having to recycle make you tired? Either way, here are some very simple ways to celebrate Earth Day and what better way than by doing something that is good for the earth!

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:

1. Recycle! Instead of throwing that plastic bag, bottle, or aluminum can into the trash, take a quick trip to a local recycling center. Check your local area for recycling drop-off stations, one may be closer than you think!

2. Plant! Planting a tree, plant, flower, vegetable, or fruit is one way of producing more oxygen into the environment as well as a great way to use the natural soils of your local area to grow plants and edible items. It’s fun to watch something grow knowing it’s because of your attention and care!

3. Conserve! Conserving energy is an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day. This can be as simple as turning off lights that are not in use, shutting the refrigerator door as soon as you’ve retrieved your items, or turning off your A/C and opening the windows. The less energy we use up on the minor things the better!

4. Walk! Walking (when you can) instead of taking your car is an excellent way to celebrate. Pollution from automobiles takes a serious toll on the environment. Leaving your car keys at home and lacing up your walking shoes is great for the environment and for you!

5. Go! Check out your local area for any Earth Day fairs going on. Going out and learning more about small (or big!) steps you can take to help the environment is a great way to celebrate! You will also meet others who are interested and come home with lots of new great ideas.

Texas-shaped magnetSee! Celebrating Earth Day can be both real simple and real good for the environment. We sure hope you have a wonderful weekend and take us up on one of these ideas. Here at Texas Treats we’ll be celebrating, too! And to all those bad pollutants out there we say, “Don’t Mess With Texas!”

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