Easy Menu Ideas For Hosting A Texas BBQ Party This Weekend

It’s Friday! The weather is just right for lasso-ing up some friends, firing up the grill, and hosting a Texas BBQ Party this weekend! Spontaneity is the spice of life so don’t regret not sending out an evite, just send out a text and get your friends excited!

When planning a Texas BBQ Party there are a few important things in making it an authentic Texas menu. Thanks to entertaining.com, here are a few helpful hints in turning your backyard into a Texas BBQ joint!

  • Texas MeatsTexas barbecue is sliced beef brisket, German-style sausage, and meaty ribs with tangy, tomato-based sauce carefully spooned over the meat or placed on the side. Its exact origins are uncertain, but there were influences from the German and Czech immigrants that came to the area, along with the Spanish and Mexican heritages in Texas. The word barbecue even comes from the Spanish word barbacoa.
  • Texas SidesPinto beans, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole and fried okra can all be served as delectable sides!
  • Texas CondimentsBarbecue should be served with savory condiments like pickled okra, pickled jalapeno peppers, sliced onions, cherry peppers and dilled pickles.
  • Texas DessertThe traditional dessert is a Cobbler. (This dates back to the chuck wagon being able to cook the cobbler over hot coals!) Peach, cherry, and blackberry are all traditionally favorite flavors. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream to top it off!
  • Texas DrinksOffering an unsweetened iced-tea (with sugar options on the side) or lemonade are great options for non-alcoholic drinks. If alcoholic drinks are served, be sure to serve a great Texas beer like Shiner or a hearty red wine like a Merlot works great when served with Texas BBQ meats.

We hope to see some grill smoke rising up from your backyard this weekend! Don’t forget to check out Texas Treats for loads of great Texas-theme gifts, snacks, and sweets!


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