Beat The Heat! Hints For Hosting A Simple & Classy Summer Dinner Party Inside!

One thing you can count on in Texas is that it’s hot; and not just plain hot it’s Texas-sized hot. It’s so hot you start sweating just by thinking about going outside! Hot and muggy temperatures keep the best of us from wanting to do anything outside. But it’s summer, and there are good times still to be had. There’s no reason not to host your summer dinner party, simply move the outdoor look inside and give your guests an even better feel… the feel of A/C.

Here are a couple easy hints to help you plan your summer dinner party.

String Outdoor Globe Lights Over The Dinner Table  Clear globe lights strung over outdoor patio tables have become a beautiful trend in the past few years. Why not bring the same look inside? It’s easy to do! Head to the store, buy a box of globe outdoor lights, drape them from your ceiling over your dinner table and dim your indoor lights for a nice, outdoor feel.

Cut Wild, Fresh Flowers From Your Backyard  You do not need a flower arranging certificate to put together a beautiful centerpiece. Save your jelly jars, mason jars, or any glass vase, head to your yard and find a myriad of wild flowers, plant leaves, or even long pieces of grass to display a unique representation of the outdoors right on your tabletop.

Accessorize With Candles, Music, And Drinks On Ice  Tea lights give a nice “star in the sky” sparkle to your table top as well as having a great band coming through the speakers. Staying indoors does not mean you can’t put your drinks on ice. Use a cute open ice bucket with your beverages displayed and easy for grabbing.

Give your guests the best of both worlds – the feel of being outside while they are inside where the temperature is just right!

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