How To Turn Your Backyard Into The 2012 Family Summer Olympics

Tip Your Hat to Texas

Tip Your Hat To Texas Gift Basket

We are so proud to tout that nearly 50 Olympians competing this year have ties to Texas! We Tip Our Hats to these outstanding athletes and wish them all the best as the Olympics continue.

We thought it’d be fun to add a few more “Texas Olympians” to the Olympics by offering some fun ways to bring the Olympics to your home. Thanks to, you and your family can turn your ordinary backyard (or home) into a grandiose competitive arena like the London Olympics!

5 Easy Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into The Summer Olympics

Discus & Javelin Throw: Use paper plates and drinking straws to have a discus and/or javelin throwing contest.

Hopscotch Competition: Buy some sidewalk chalk and time each child as they hop through the course.

Bean Bag Toss: Grab some bean bags (or put some beans in a ziplock bag!) and have a contest to see who can throw the farthest!

Bottle Bowling: Set up 6 2-Liter soda bottles at the end of the sidewalk and see who can knock down the most by kicking a soccer ball.

Blanket Volleyball: Set up volleyball as usual, but instead of trying to hit the ball back and forth, each team must catch the ball with a blanket and throw it back the same way! (Let us know how this one goes!)

These are just a few ideas to get you started! The possibilities are endless (think swimming pool, best dive, synchronized jumping, best cartwheel)! And don’t forget the medals with some construction paper and ribbon, you can have gold (yellow), silver (grey), and bronze (brown) medals to offer the athletes.

What better way to start the backyard Family Summer Olympics than with an opening ceremony. Again, use construction paper to make a torch and let the games begin!

With only a few preparations, this weekend could turn into something memorable indeed! Especially when you watch your Little Susie from Frisco, TX win the gold in Olympic hopscotching!


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