Wrapping Up The Olympics With Some British English-To-Texan English Translations

The Summer Olympics were a whirlwind, weren’t they? How many nights did you stay up way past “bed time” because you just couldn’t get enough of synchronized diving? Watching Olympic athletes competing in an area of near perfect mastery is fascinating. We know! We couldn’t stop watching either! Now that they are over, we wanted to review some cultural fascinations, as well. Especially since Olympic Synchronized Diving in London is the same in the USA. But some of our most familiar words are completely different in Great Britain.

Take this Quiz to Test Your British English To Texan English Translations:

1) In England, they enjoy a biscuit for an afternoon snack. What would we be having here in the U.S.?

2) In England, a parent asks a teenager to close the boot of the car. What would we close here in the U.S.?

3) In England, a group of athletes get together to play a game of football. What same game would we be playing here in the U.S.?

4) In England, one might go wash their hands in a water closet. Where would one in the U.S. wash their hands?

5) In England, one might get a sandwich with a side of crisps. What side would this get you in the U.S.?

6) In England, one might get a sandwich with a side of chips. What side would this get you in the U.S.?

7) In England, in cooler weather, one might put on a jumper. What same article would someone in the U.S. put on?

Are you ready for the answer?!

  1. Cookie
  2. The trunk of the car
  3. Soccer
  4. Bathroom
  5. Chips
  6. French Fries
  7. Sweater

How’d you do? It’s fun to see the different translations for 2 countries that both speak English! We checked and in England the translation for “Howdy, Y’all” is “Howdy, Y’all!” and “I reckon we’ll go to the game” is “I reckon Texas shaped chips and salsawe’ll go to the game!” We share some great roots with a great country and we appreciate all that London did to host such an outstanding Olympics.

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