Football Weekend Party Ideas: Turn Your Home Into A Party Zone

From the start of a football game to finish, there is one thing on the players’ minds: get this ball into the end zone. That’s it. Apart from making plays and dodging tackles, the players have a goal. And when they get there – they go crazy with excitement! We’ve seen players dance, point to the sky, and fall-to-the-ground in overwhelming joy. The end zone is exactly where they want to be. This football season make your home the coveted end zone. Make your friends dodge other parties and postpone household chores all in an effort to make it to your home (the party zone) to watch the best of football on the weekends.

How To Turn Your Home Into The Perfect Party Zone

  • Think Laces: 4 little lines can turn most any football (oval)-shaped snack into a football. For instance, Salami & Cheese Stackers – top a cracker with oval-shaped salami, oval-shaped cheese, then add 3 lines horizontal and 1 line vertical through them of mustard and you have adorable football appetizers! Add those same 4 lines (with frosting) to the top of cupcakes, brownies, or even football whoopie pies (see here) to create a football theme tabletop of food.
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    Think Banners: Banner-making has been made easy with new online tutorials and sheer creativity. Bunting, as its formally called, can turn any room into a football haven. Simply pick construction paper in the colors of the 2 teams playing one another and string about 20 triangle-shaped pieces through a sturdy string or ribbon for each and hang on either side of the room. Fans can sit on one side or the other to create just the right amount of friendly tension!

  • Decor & Games: You and your guests will be so pleased if your decor actually comes to life! Making a backdrop at your food table that can turn into a game later, will be so fun during half time! Here’s what we mean (image right): build a field goal out of PVC piping, paint it yellow, secure it in a holder that will keep it standing steady. During half-time, bring it into the living room (or even better, outdoors) and let your fans take turns trying to either kick or throw a ball through it. Depending on space, you could use a football, a kiddie football, or even a nerf ball!
  • Food, Glorious Food!: Never underestimate the power of great snacks. Whether you simply heat up some frozen chicken wings or make every appetizer from scratch, just make sure it’s good and no one will complain! For you Texans out there, Texas-shaped tortilla chips and salsa ranchera from Texas Treats ( adds just the right amount of Texas pop to the table!

The only problem you’re ever going to have – is getting your guests to go home! Enjoy!

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