The State Fair of Texas Is Here! So Many Livestock To See, So Little Time!

We’ve been counting down the days, studying the lay of the land, we’ve marked on our calendars when we’ll be going, and we’ve saved a few pennies to make sure we can play as many games as we want and taste as many yummy (and bizarre) foods our hearts’ desire… yes, it is finally here, folks: The State Fair of Texas opens today! (Friday, Sept 28)

The State Fair of Texas (for more than 25 years!) offers those who attend a wide variety of  shows, exhibits, games, foods, and more. So much so, that you may not be able to do and see everything once! It’s that big! One of the big attractions at the State Fair of Texas is its livestock.

State Fair of Texas Highlight: Livestock

Living in Texas it’s hard to ignore the fact that livestock are a very important part of our agriculture. Though for most of us city dwellers, we don’t too often get to see the best parts of Texas and the wide wealth of animals that reside here in the Lone Star State. At the State Fair of Texas, you can come and see what you’ve been missing! Be sure to check the SFT Open Livestock Shows schedule to know when to see these little (and big!) darlings!

  • Breeding Beef Cattle: There’s more to it than one can imagine! “These shows allow exhibitors of all ages throughout the entire United States to show off their ability to feed, breed and exhibit [15 different] breeds.”
  • Breeding Dairy Cattle: Show exhibitors will be showing off their ability to feed, breed, and exhibit Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey and ORB breeds.
  • Breeding Goats: Exhibitors will be showing off their ability to feed, breed and exhibit Junior and Senior Dairy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Pygmy Goats, Angora, Colored Angora, and Boers.
  • Breeding Sheep: Showing off the last weekend of the fair, exhibitors will bring Dorpers, Columbia, Delaine-Marino, Dorper, Dorset, Hampshire, Rambouillet, Southdown, Suffolk, Other Registered Fine Wool Sheep, and Other Registered Medium Wool Sheep breeds.
  • Llamas: Kicking off the State Fair weekend will be exhibitors showing off their ability to feed, breed, and exhibit their Llamas. What a great way to start the weekend!

We will be highlighting different parts of the fair over the next few Fridays. We’d love to hear what your favorite part is, what foods you’ve tried, and what you don’t think anyone should miss! Have a great weekend!


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