Lots of Lights and Action at The State Fair of Texas & Cotton Bowl This Weekend!

We hope by now you’ve been able to go to the State Fair of Texas! Perhaps some of you have been able to taste the bizarre foods, see some real livestock, or even learn culinary tips from Celebrity Chefs! At this state fair, there is a little something for everyone! The petting zoo may pull little Susie one way while the thrill-seekers run off to go ride the “Rock It!” But one things remains true – everyone enjoys a good light show! Check out these 3 great ways to see some bright lights before you call it a night!

Illumination Sensation! Want to feel heat from the fire and wet from the splashes? The Illumination Sensation “offers lights, music, dancing waters and pyrotechnics along the 700-ft. Esplanade reflecting pool. The show is produced by Georgia-based Interlaced Productions – a special effects company that marries art, entertainment and technology. Nightly at 8 p.m. Sponsored by Mattress Firm. FREE.”

Reliant Starlight Parade! Every night at 7:15pm enjoy an evening parade full of lights and sounds! “Illuminated floats and giant puppets” bring smiles to everyone’s face. “Don’t miss the USMC Drum & Bugle Corps leading off the parade. The Starlight Parade kicks off each evening at 7:15 p.m and is sponsored by Reliant. FREE.

Chinese Lantern Festival! Want to add a little extra fun to your State Fair experience? This one’s not free but worth seeing! “The lagoon at Fair Park will be transformed into a dreamscape of illuminated art portraying animals, buildings, and stories. Open September 28-October 21. Admission is charged in addition to State Fair of Texas admission.

Texas vs. Oklahoma! Finally, for some real sparks this weekend, turn on the TX/OU game or head out to the Cotton Bowl! A rivalry like no other, some of the most loyal and colorful fans there rooting for their team. Look for the red and orange shirts at the fair this weekend as you see fans wearing their team colors. This weekend will be full of lights and action, so get out there and have some fun!

We all know a lot of luck is needed this weekend for those 2 teams. Be sure to send a little luck with our “Lucky Horseshoe” to your friends (or rivals) after the game to say “better luck next time!” or “you lucked out this year!” It’s always fun to send a little harmless banter when the game is over – but depending on who won, you may want to let a few days pass first!


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