How To Find The Non-Regrettable Foods At The State Fair Of Texas!

Though hard to believe, it is true: the fair ends this Sunday, October 21. It seems like it just started! We hope you have had your fun at the fair, were able to try all the fried foods, and screamed your head off on the best rides! If you’re tempted to go to the fair one more time but fear filling your belly with more funnel cakes and fried butter, we are here to help! There is a way to go to the fair and not have to fear the food. Thanks to D Magazine’s article, “Where To Find Healthy Food Options At The State Fair Of Texas” we were able to pick out a few perfect spots for you to dive in for a treat, without having to dive in to a bowl of calories! Consider the other healthy benefits that come from the fair – you can burn calories while walking around, playing games, and rooting for your favorite piggies at the pig races!

Where To Find The Healthiest Foods At The State Fair of Texas

Good Karma Kitchen & Slushworks (inside the Food & Fiber Pavilion) – These 2 food trucks joined forces to offer an “anti-fried food menu…that features a gluten-free cheddar cornbread cake on top of sweet baked beans.”

Taste of New Orleans Stand – Offers a cup of red beans and rice. Without need for elaboration, this option is not only great for the taste buds but for feeling good-full not bad-full when done!

Roasted Corn in the Food Court – Butter seems to be a mandatory ingredient for every food at the fair, but this roasted corn gives you the option to go without butter (the healthy choice!).

It’s All Greek To Me (Food Court) – This Greek salad fills you up but not out. Enjoy a healthy bowl of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, and croutons.

Bailey’s (Food Court) – Their Black-Eyed-Pea soup is a small cup of vegetable stock, onions, celery, peas, and jalapenos. Comes with cornbread (which you can opt not to have).

We hope you enjoy this last weekend at the fair. It’s always bitter sweet to see it go, but we can always look forward to its return next year! As always, if you’re looking for a delicious taste of Texas, look no more. There’s nothing quite like a little Texas Treats Salsa Ranchera to dip some chips in or to put on some enchiladas to make your taste buds sing!

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