Throwing A Party? Hosting a Luncheon? Let Us Help With Welcome Gifts.

As proud Texans, nothing brings us greater joy than knowing that out-of-towners have huge expectations when they come visit the Lone Star State. For some, this means they expect to see Cowboys and farm animals on the side of the road (in Dallas!) while others expect a good ‘ole warm Texas hospitality – rightly so. Whatever their expectations, we don’t want to disappoint, which is why Texas Treats aims high in creating the best in Welcome Baskets for your luncheons, meetings, conventions, weddings and more! Whatever your need is, and however many the number, we will help you deliver the most warm welcome a non-Texan could receive. You’ve got to make a great impression – especially one that lasts!

With Thanksgiving around the corner especially, or if you are hosting a beautiful fall wedding, many out-of-town guests may be headed your way. Here are a few delicious and charming options for welcome gifts. You can also build-your-own, personalized and customized gift however you want, and if your heart desires, you can bring your own goodies to add to the presentation. We are here to help make your life easier and the warm welcome brighter!

Fill up a Texas Flag Gift Bag with your favorite Texas Treats. Pictured below are from a bag we recently delivered to a convention:

  • El Paco Tortilla Chips: This 2.5 oz. bag is the perfect size to share a little bit of warm Texas hospitality.  Add the chips to those welcome bags for your Texas conference/convention.  Send your favorite displaced Texan a bag or two of El Paco Texas Tortilla Chips!
  • Lucky Horseshoe: This genuine horseshoe is a must-have for any home. Includes the following card:
    Lucky Horseshoe, Hang this Horseshoe With the prongs up, To shower your home With good luck!
  • Speak Texan Book: Help your guests who are “fixinto” tawk like a Texan! This handy little Texas book will teach the fine points of speaking with a Texas twang.   Next time the store clerk asks “kinihepyew” you’ll be able to answer with a “yes ma’am!”
  • Salsa Ranchera (not pictured): Texas Treats’ mild Texas Salsa Ranchera is a winner with everyone!  It’s just mild enough that even Aunt Velma dips her chips in it — but it’s tangy enough for the rest of us.  Plus it’s the real thing, made in Texas by Texans!  Also available in a 16 oz. jar.

Stop by Texas Treats online and start planning! Find the perfect Snacks and Sweets to add to your baskets, bags or boxes and we’ll put it together to perfection!

About texastreats

Howdy! We are a Texas-based company specializing in all things Texan! We have a wide variety of gift items, including food and personalized items, that you can view on our website or see in person at our Frisco store. Orders can be made online, on the phone, or in person at our store. We hope y'all like what you see and come back now, ya hear?
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