4 Easy Ideas For Making Thanksgiving About More Than Just Food

Hot and buttery rolls, creamy mashed potatoes, turkey drenched in gravy, savory and sweet potato casserole – is your mouth watering yet? Thanksgiving food alone can be what draws us to the decorated dining room table year after year. Welcoming friends and family to your home for a feast is just one of the ways to make Thanksgiving special. If this year you want to make Thanksgiving about more than the food, here are a few easy ideas that can make a huge difference for you and your guests.

1. Serve Others First. Serving a Thanksgiving lunch to homeless people or those living in a shelter can be very best thing you do this holiday season. Sure, by cooking and cleaning you are serving your guests, but serving those who can do nothing in return brings about a far greater reward than you would expect.

2. Give Thanks Verbally. Have a moment before or during the meal where your guests share what they are most thankful for. An interesting twist to this would be to ask what person, place or thing has most positively impacted each person the most that year – and why.

3. Involve Others in the Prepping: At times, you may find yourself cooking the entire meal or cleaning the entire house alone. Why? Not because no one offered, but because you just as soon do it yourself. This year, allow others in. Even if you have small children, pre-measure your ingredients and let them pour them in. Even if your spouse isn’t great at cleaning the bathroom like you like it, let him/her make sure the soaps and towels are fresh at the sink and the candles are lit before the meal. You may feel better knowing that you didn’t do it all alone!

4. Make it Interactive and Fun. For adults, a hot meal and a snooze on the couch while watching football is to be expected on Thanksgiving. Why not shake it up a bit this year? Have a game planned following the meal (or before!). Think pictionary. Have an easel with paper set up, a box filled with Thanksgiving-themed picture ideas, and have your guests divide into teams as they try to guess what their player is drawing.

Let’s be honest, there is no way to get around how wonderful Thanksgiving food is. By adding a few fun and meaningful additions to the day, everyone may be going home with more than just full bellies; hopefully full hearts!

We’d love to hear from you! Share with us on our Texas Treats Facebook Page your Thanksgiving traditions; we are always looking for ways to make Thanksgiving more special!

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