Fun & Easy Christmas Party Ideas for Adults this Holiday Season

Why do kids get to have all the fun? When planning a Christmas party, we tend to focus on how to keep those kids busy and having fun than what the adults will be doing. Not so this year! Host your holiday party with the best of your adult friends and let them know it’s going to be a fun, interactive one! Who wants to talk about work or the stock market, anyways? It’s a party so everyone should have some fun!

Here are some great ideas for throwing a great holiday party with fun things to do. Inspired by this article in Better Homes and Garden, we hand-selected the ones that we will be doing this year! And with less than 11 days until Christmas – it’s a good thing these are easy to put together!

  • Holiday Hot Chocolate Party: For the perfect (and tasty!) simple social gathering a hot chocolate bar is going to hit the spot! Have some delicious hot chocolate on the stove top, mugs and spoons nearby, and set out all the best toppings for your friends to use. Think marshmallows, candy canes, candy cane pieces, whipped cream, chocolate syrup.
  • Christmas Cookie Decorating Party: Again, seems like it’s for the kids, but adults love it! Make the dough and lay it out along a table with cookie cutters, sprinkles, and candy pieces and while the cookies bake play a Christmas movie. Once done, package the cookies in tins and send them home with your guests!
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange: This never disappoints! Have each guest bring a funny (the wackier the better) pre-wrapped gift to the party. Each guest picks a number to determine what order he/she picks a gift. Each guest has the option of stealing someone else’s gift instead of picking a new one.
  • Christmas Caroling Party: Enjoy the most classic of party ideas. Gather your friends around a piano (or guitar, or keyboard) to join in on singing holiday favorites. Print out the songs so people can read easily. If you’re really enjoying it – take your show on the road! Neighborhood caroling is a beautiful gift to give your neighbors.

holiday_howdy_-_45If you’d prefer to stay home and celebrate than venture out and see some of the best Christmas lights in Texas, then these Christmas party ideas should be perfect! In a pinch, a festive holiday gift basket from Texas Treats would take care of your food line-up, especially with the best tastes of Texas and the holidays in one!

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