Why Give A Lucky Horseshoe To A Bride?

luckyhorseshoeFor those of you who have been a bride before, you most likely remember that it’s not a smooth-sailing kind-of event to plan. A lot of time is invested in planning (and planning and planning)! Even for those gals out there who love planning and details and find making lists to be as fun as going to the movies, it’s a difficult task bringing a wedding together! Certainly all worth it, though, your efforts eventually lead you down the aisle to the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Phew! Definitely worth it.

So, if even a few dreary clouds in the Texas sky try to put a damper on things (but don’t), why do brides need a little luck? Mostly because of every day after. Brides and grooms need a little luck in their lives; enough to keep things heading on the right track.

Why give a lucky horseshoe to a bride?

  • For good luck in her new home! A new home is a great place to start having good luck! Hanging a horseshoe in the foyer or over the door is a fun way to start hanging important and special pieces on the wall.
  • For good luck in her new marriage! Any married person knows, it takes a lot of love and effort to keep things great in a marriage; a little luck is a helpful way of supporting a newly married couple.
  • For success in her career! Returning to work after a fabulous wedding week and honeymoon is tough! Wish her luck as she returns to life and reality.
  • For future additions! Whether it be children or puppies, married couples love to add to their families. Offering some luck in this area is a sweet and warm way of encouraging a married couple.

We all want our friends and family to be “lucky in love”! Most people want to it for themselves, too! (Even if there is a lot of discussion on the topic of “Does ‘lucky in love’ really exist?”.) One of the best ways to show that love does really exist is to gift them a Lucky in Love Horseshoe from Texas Treats. Dress it up with a custom ribbon and personalize it for the new love birds, at the perfect price of $4.95, nothing can hold you back. No matter the reason you give it, be sure to remember how to hang it for the most luck:

*Lucky Horseshoe*
Hang this Horseshoe
 With the prongs up
 To shower your home
 With good luck!

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