What Makes Texas Chili So Good (& Different From All The Rest!)

Yes, it’s true. Everything is better in Texas! But in this case, Texas not only makes everything better, it makes chili different from all the rest! If you’re getting ready for this weekend’s Super Bowl party by making a big pot of chili, you might want to hold off on buying cans of beans and tomatoes and read on.

A helpful article from seriouseats.com took on the topic of “old school Texas style” chili. Beginning with some helpful Texas chili history:

The original chili was made with dried beef pounded together with suet and dried chilies into a sort of pemmican-like dry mix intended to last a long time and be quick and nutritious for cowboys to rehydrate and stew up out on the range.

While offering at the same time, the short list of ingredients:

First of all, absolutely no beans. No tomatoes. Indeed, there’s very little that goes into the pot other than beef and chiles (and plenty of both!).

A hot topic on the web, another great article adds its 2 cents about Texas chili:

Thought to have originated in the 1800s along the Texas cattle trails… Range cooks would commonly prepare a pot of fresh beef and wild-grown seasonings for the cowhands. Before long, the popularity of this spicy stew spread…

img_0018-2With deep roots that lead back to the original recipe, Texans continue to take their chili ingredients very seriously! Which is why we love Texas! Clearly the biggest “Texas difference” is no beans! Though, no matter which way you like it – we have the perfect chili seasoning to help making that pot of chili easy and delicious! Our Texas Chili Seasoning blends right into your recipe to make for the perfect bowl.

Perfect for this weekend, make a “chili bar” by serving a bowl of chili for your guests and offer fun toppings to add! Think tasty shredded cheeses, sour creams, tortilla chips, chives, and more. Offer up the works!

Whether it’s for this weekend or any other night of the week, make your chili extra special. Try it the Texas way and add our Texas Treats special touch!


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