Y’all Feeling Lucky? If Not, Here’s How.

Donald Trump once said, “Everything in life is luck.” If Trump is right, then luck is something we want on our side. But alas, we all know the trouble with luck is it’s not guaranteed or earned, it’s simply fate.

  • Lucky Chocolates

    Lucky Chocolates

    Rabbit’s Feet: To ward off bad luck some of us have been known to wear these furry luck charms around our neck or wrists. Rabbits feet were used by the Celtic tribes to keep away evil spirits.

  • Finding a Penny: This ones pretty self-explanatory… finding money is lucky in an of itself (just make sure it’s heads up).
  • Walking Under Ladders: It’s just a bad idea to walk under a ladder to begin with, however, this old superstition has Christian roots. When the ladder is upright it makes the shape of a triangle, which represents the Trinity. If you walk through the ladder you interrupt the Trinity, which could bring some unneeded bad luck. And really, who wants to risk knocking the painter off his ladder?
  • Avoiding Black Cats: Black cats get their bad rap from the days when it was believed witches would take their form to roam the town. Encountering one of these dark felines could bring a dose of bad luck, so be sure to stay clear.


    Lucky Horseshoe

I’ve got to be honest with you,  if you want to feel lucky this is a lot to remember. So instead of knocking on wood and forever watching out for black cats why not try your fortune with our Texas Treats Lucky Chocolates.

What could be better for your luck than receiving rich milk chocolate turtles that are covered in luck with a horseshoe?

And don’t forget you can always double your chances by hanging your own Nordic Horseshoe in your home to bring  you a little extra luck.

At Texas Treats we want you to have all the luck in the world, so if Donald Trump is right and “everything in life is luck”, then why shouldn’t luck at least taste and look good too!

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