Time To Get Hoppin’, Prepare for the Easter Bunny!

Jelly Beans

Assorted Texas Sized Jelly Beans

The winter chill in Texas is beginning to thaw and that means the enjoyable Texas spring air is on its way. So with spring on its way it’s time to get hoppin’ preparing for the Easter Bunny’s arrival.

One way you can get ready for the Easter Bunny is by planning your very own Easter egg hunt that your friends and family will certainly never forget. Now you don’t need to beat the Guinness World Record’s largest Easter egg hunt of 501,000 eggs that were searched for by 9,753 children. All you need is the right decor and yummy sweets to make it a memorable event for the history books.

Below are some easy tips on how to organize your own Texas style Easter egg hunt.

  • Mail colorful bunny shaped invitations made of construction paper to your family and friends.
  • Decorate your tables with pastel colored table clothes and napkins.
  • Be sure to fill your tables with snacks for your hungry hunters like our Texas Treats Trail Mix, a healthy alternative to the mounds of candy your little hunters will eat after the big hunt.
  • Organize the play area by age group. For the younger ones leave the eggs in areas where they can be easily seen, and for your older hunter the harder to find the better.
  • Be sure to have some extra Easter egg baskets on hand for those little ones who might forget to bring one.
  • Last but not least, fill your plastic eggs with prizes that will keep your hunters anxiously chasing the next egg.
Cactus Candy

Cactus Candy

Maybe you’re not sure what to put in your plastic eggs that will make the hunt rewarding? Well small toys and coins are always a good starter. However, if you want to add a little Texas flare to your Easter festivities fill your eggs with our Texas Sized Jelly Beans. Everything’s bigger in Texas, even our jelly beans. We have several varieties to choose from like our cinnamon flavor jelly beans and our assorted jelly bean pack.

And if Texas flavor is what your looking for try our Cactus Candy, this jelly candy is deliciously sweet and chewy made with real prickly pear cactus fruit giving you a real taste of the southwest!

When the hunt is over don’t forget to hand out small bags to each child so they can count their spoils. Then get ready to hear from your satisfied guest, “I hope you plan another Easter egg hunt for next year!”

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