Ready… Get Set… File!

tax timeThat’s right everyone don’t forget Tax day is Monday April 15, 2013. To help you on this national day of financial reckoning below is a list of helpful Tax day tips to either ease the burden of owing the government your hard earned money or celebrate the return of some of your long-lost moola.

  • Retrieve all your receipts from that old shoe box in the closet to prove those valuable deductions.
  • Always check your numbers. Using online programs to do your taxes are cheap and easy, however, you need to double check your numbers when you enter your data.
  • Including your Social Security number on EVERY page will help if one goes missing and needs to be reattached to the others.
  • DON’T FORGET to sign your return. Forgetting to sign is considered one of the most common mistakes when filing your tax return.
  • Save copies of all documents sent to the IRS. Have your CPA prepare an extra copy or save and print your online return. Not only will it help with your peace of mind, it will be helpful when filing next year’s return.

If you are one of the fortunate ones with a refund check coming in the mail don’t forget to stop by Texas Treats website for all your Texas themed gifts, snacks, and sweets. In fact, pecans_in_texas_shaped_containeryou may want to use some of the money Uncle Sam gave back to you to indulge in some delicious I’m Nuts for Texas – Texas Pecans. These locally grown pecans are as fresh as you can imagine. They are placed inside a Texas Shaped hard plastic container and tied with a Texas Bandana Bow, topped with a western embellishment.

Or you could always try to double your tax return in a game of Texas Hold’em. The Texas Treats Texas Hold’em gift basket comes stocked with a deck of Texas-themed playing cards, texas-themed chocolate coins (red, white, and blue assorted; approx. 9 coins), “We’re Nuts for You in Texas!” snack mix, chocolate coins (9 coins in a cello bag), Dr. Pepper bottle, Dr. Pepper Jerky (1.6 oz.), and Dr. Pepper Hubba Bubba Gum.

Happy Tax Day Everyone!

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Howdy! We are a Texas-based company specializing in all things Texan! We have a wide variety of gift items, including food and personalized items, that you can view on our website or see in person at our Frisco store. Orders can be made online, on the phone, or in person at our store. We hope y'all like what you see and come back now, ya hear?
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