Top Three Texas Gifts for Father’s Day

Dads are the best. They work hard to keep a roof over our head and food on the table, and as a result they know how to play hard. They know how to keep their kids safe from harms way, but in the same vein dad’s let their kids stretch their boundaries so they can learn what it means to fail and try again. Dads can dole out tough love when needs be, Fathers-Day-Images-2013-18but also show grace like no other. Dads are good for piggyback rides, throwing the ball around, playing video games, and really just being a goofball. And for that reason we say to all the dads out there happy Father’s Day! Instead of getting your dad a tie or coffee mug for Father’s Day, why not think outside the box and take him out on the town to show him how much you appreciate being his child.

  • Ballgame: You can’t go wrong taking your dad to a classic baseball game. The cheap seats, the delicious hot dogs, and warm beer make for the perfect Father’s Day gift. The Texas Rangers are having their special Father’s Day game this Sunday, June 16 where Fox Sports Southwest will be handing out FREE Texas Rangers hats.
  • Fishing: Do you know why dads like to fish? It’s quiet, slow, and relaxing with a little action here and there. Texas has so many great lakes for fishing, in fact, Lake Fork near Dallas, is the premier trophy bass fishing lake in the world. It holds 15 of the top 20 Texas State Record Largemouth Bass. Your dad will drool when he reads those stats and hears you’re taking him there for Father’s Day.
  • Tubing: Another great Father’s Day gift would be giving your dad the experience of tubing down the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country. Again, this is another experience full of laziness and relaxation with small doses of excitement thrown into the mix. The combination of those ingredients make for the perfect Father’s Day!

Getting the right gift for your dad seems like a daunting task, but remember dad’s are texas_hold_emeasy going guys that are used to getting ties and coffee mugs, so anything else is a home run!

If you live far away from your dad and you can’t take him on any of the trips above, don’t worry, Texas Treats has the perfect gift you can send to him. The Texas Hold’em Set gift basket, which is  filled with the perfect snacks to get your dad through a long, fun poker game! It comes with a deck of Texas-themed playing cards, Texas-themed chocolate coins (red, white, and blue assorted; approx. 9 coins), “We’re Nuts for You in Texas!” snack mix (3 oz.), chocolate coins (9 coins in a cello bag), Dr. Pepper bottle, Dr. Pepper Jerky (1.6 oz.), and Dr. Pepper Hubba Bubba Gum.

Happy Father’s Day from Texas Treats!


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Howdy! We are a Texas-based company specializing in all things Texan! We have a wide variety of gift items, including food and personalized items, that you can view on our website or see in person at our Frisco store. Orders can be made online, on the phone, or in person at our store. We hope y'all like what you see and come back now, ya hear?
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