The Best of Texas Beaches

Most of us Texans live in or around the big cities of the Lone Star State like: Dallas-Ft.Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Like most people, after a few months of the busy city life you just want to break free from the chains of a stressful job, congested beachoverlapping highways, commuter trains, and scores of people. You get to a place where you’ve reached your boiling point and you need a release.

Beaches are one of the most liberating places for stressed out city dwellers to go because of what they offer: a tranquil atmosphere that is peaceful, rolling tides that give soothing sounds, and an endless horizon that make you feel free when you look out over the shore. Some of Texas’ most unsung getaways are the more than 600 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline the hug our state’s southern border. Below are a few Texas beach options for you and your family to explore when it’s time for that much needed vacation.

Padre Island National Seashore (PINS): Enter PINS through Corpus Christi and travel south down its more than 70 miles of shoreline. PINS gives the beachgoer the chance to fish, camp, collect shells, bird watch, swim, and surf on the isolated coastline, and when you’re coming from the big city isolation sounds so good. PINS is also home to a number of sea turtle nests, which appear during the spring and summer months.

texas-beachesSea Rim State Park: Sea Rim is located just a few miles south of Beaumont/Port Charles. This state park isn’t a typical beach destination, it’s a blend of marsh and beach. If nature is what you want than Sea Rim State Park is where you want to plan your next get away. Sea Rim is a nature-lover’s delight. Both Bird-watchers and beach-goers often co-exist on this stretch of sand, which is the northern-most beach in Texas.

South Padre Island: We’ve saved the best for last! South Padre Island offers the most pristine and unspoiled beaches on the Texas coast. Just a few miles from the Texas/Mexican boarder, the South Padre Island surf feels like a Caribbean getaway with clear and green water that laps against the pure white sand of the beaches. South Padre is a great place to vacation if you love the beach-bum life during the day, excellent restaurants, and a sizzling nightlife.

So pack your linen shirts, bathing suits, and flip-flops and unwind at any one of the several Texas beaches right in your own state. And wherever your staying don’t forget to bring Texas Treats along for the ride.

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