The First Time the US Flag Flies in Texas

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the Texas State flag flying along side the United States flag: our colors are unified and the symbol of freedom and liberty are embedded in them both equally. The United States flag was raised for the first time on Texas soil on July 26, 1845. This event was said to have taken place on St. Joseph’s Island (San José Island), which is just northeast of Corpus Christi.

texas-state-flag-american-flagIt was said that Lt. Chandler of the USS Alabama swam to the shores and dug out the spot in the sand for the first American flag to fly over Texas territory on San Jose Island. The Third Infantry built a small military town called Aransas. A stagecoach service brought passengers, supplies, and mail to the town. Also a ferry provided a connection between the island and the mainland.

The troops of the Third Infantry served under Gen. Zachary Taylor who was sent to protect Texas from Mexico trying to stir trouble after Texas’ annexation. After the troops landed on August 1 they camped by a massive live oak tree at the site of present-day Rockport. Even today the tree is still known as the Zachary Taylor Oak.

allaroundAlmost two decades later during the civil war the Union army stole livestock from the island and destroyed the town of Aransas during the Civil War. There are no remains of Aransas today. Today, the island that once saw the first United States flag fly in Texas is exclusively used for hunting and fishing.

There are so many historical events that have taken place in the great state of Texas. So when you’re traveling to visit San José Island to see where the first United States flag was raised, the Alamo, or the Texas State Capital building take the Texas Treats All Around Texas Gift Basket with you.

The All Around Texas Gift Basket is filled with tastes of the Lone Star State — Authentic Texas Tortilla Chips to dip into real Texas Salsa, Chewy Texas Pralines, and Texas snacks for starters. Enjoy a taste of warm Texas hospitality. Kick it up a notch by adding the receiver’s name to the chip and salsa labels. Your gift will be long remembered!

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