Honorary Texan

The right to be called a Texan is a privilege that all Texas residents, current and past, speak of proudly. While for many the process to become a Texan requires living in this great state long enough to fall in love with the place (which rarely takes long) or to be born here, there also exists a more formal way to become a Texan that few may know about. This process takes place at the whim of the governor when they decide to proclaim a special someone an Honorary Texan.

Some may wonder, “Why is it a big deal to become an honorary Texan?” After all, isn’t OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATexas just another state? Well, that would ignore the fact that Great Britain’s favorite candy bar ever is the Texan. What other great state is so sweet to taste and so grand in size? Alaska may be the largest state, but it cannot boast of chocolate-y sweetness. Idaho may have the Spud Bar, but that only has a regional northwest impact by their own admission. The international impact of Texas finds its symbolism in this lil’ tasty treat (never mind its defunct status). There is even a grassroots movement to free the Texan from candy purgatory! (insert Texas secession joke here…)

Also, what other state produces such pride from its residents? For example, if you travel internationally and run into a Texan, ask them where they are from and you don’t hear, “The U.S.” Instead, you hear, “Texas!” This reaction seems to be due to the pure awesome-ness that one finds in Texas. Heck, if you don’t believe me then just listen to former NFL coach and legendary Texan Bum Phillips!

So, now that the greatness of Texas is settled there just remains the matter of giving a more comprehensive list of honorary Texans. These men and women have been chosen for various reasons – some more confusing than others – but we can truly call them family now that call Texas their home (like some other home-grown Texans). Be sure to honor these honorary Texans by checking out the tasty side of Texas at www.texastreats.com!

GOV. RICK PERRY’s honorees, Republican (2000-present)
Sarah Palin, Alaska governor and tea party fave
Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio host
Glenn Beck, conservative TV personality
Sean Hannity, conservative commentator and Fox TV host
Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York City
Yang Jiechi, Chinese ambassador
Sunil Dutt, Bollywood actor and member of the Indian parliament
Russell Crowe, actor best known for his role in Gladiator
Chris Knight, country music star
Serge Borlee, Lance Armstrong’s Belgian bodyguard
Dhani Jones, linebacker who played for Cincinnati Bengals
Pete Sampras, tennis pro

GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH honorees, Republican (1995-2000)
Bob Dylan, musician and ’60s counterculture icon
Jonathan Ledgard, Economist correspondent
John Bruton, Irish Prime Minister
Jean Chretien, Canadian Prime Minister
William Hague, leader of Great Britain’s Conservative Party
Bob Borbridge, premier of Queensland, Australia
Chip Taylor, singer best known for “Wild Thing”
Erato Kozakou Marcoullis, Cypriot envoy
Carl Leubsdorf, Washington bureau chief of the Dallas Morning News
Albert Jennings, insurance lobbyist
Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan
Alexander Downer, Australian foreign minister
Sister Gertrude Levy, Catholic nun
Rep. G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery, US Congressman (D-Miss.)

GOV. ANN RICHARDS honorees, Democrat (1991-95)
Christopher Berry Green, descendant of the Londoner who rented an office to the Republic of Texas in 1842 for its British diplomatic HQ
David Keltner, Assistant Deputy for Education for the Secretary of the Army
Marty Stuart, rockabilly/country star
Lionel “Skip” Meno, Texas Education Commissioner
Rachel Hemmer, women’s basketball star
Parents of Jerry Jeff Walker, country music star
Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and future California governor
Maria Gwiazda, Polish immigrant who died of breast cancer hours before she was to become a US citizen
Ervin Duggan, President of PBS
Bob Hope, comedian, actor, and USO star
Don McLean, singer best known for “American Pie”

GOV. BILL CLEMENTS honorees, Republican (1979-83 and 1987-91)
Deng Xioping, Chinese leader

GOV. DOLPH BRISCOE honorees, Democrat (1973-79)
Christi Wolfington, a girl whose Texan father was unhappy that she was not born in Texas
Nicolae Ceausescu, Romanian president

GOV. JOHN CONNALLY honorees, Democrat (1963-69)
The 100th and 442nd infantry divisions of the US Army

GOV. PRESTON SMITH honorees, Democrat (1969-73)
Shirley MacLaine, actress, occultist, and lefty political activist

GOV. ALAN SHIVERS honorees, Democrat (1949-57)
General Douglas MacArthur, US Army chief of staff

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