Labor Day is coming!

rosie-the-riveterLabor Day weekend is seven days away! While many of you have undoubtedly already planned an amazing weekend to soak up the sun with your extra day off of work, some of you may still be on the fence as to how exactly you will use your extra time this weekend.

First things first, though. A little information as to why Labor Day is worth celebrating is needed. After all, every holiday can be more fun with a little bit of historical reasoning to make you cherish the holiday that much more. To summarize, Labor Day was made in order to honor the hard work and great sacrifices that Americans have made in building, cultivating, and maintaining this great country (Check out this site to brush up on your Labor Day history a little more thoroughly). Due to all the 9 to 5’s, the late nights, and stress that comes from working steady jobs, it became evident that people need a day every once in awhile to kick their feet up and relax. While we may prefer more than a day, I’ve always been taught to be grateful for what you have! 

Now that you’ve been thoroughly educated about what Labor Day means, it’s time to get to the thick of it. How ya gonna spend that time? Well, you might want to check out this guide to Labor Day fun in Texas. If those destinations are too far from you – or they just don’t interest you – maybe think about going to float the rivers near Austin. This is a relatively cheap way to spend time cooling off in the late August sun. If you are looking for something very local (as in “I’m not leaving my house” local), then look through this website’s suggestions and see if any ideas come to mind.

Also, remember that college football begins that weekend! Gather together with some friends and watch your favorite team – while enjoying your favorite team’s Texas Treats basket, of course – kickoff the start of a spectacular season. (Also be looking forward to next week’s tailgating tips blog…) Whether or not your team will end the season spectacularly is not the point. Every team is undefeated to start the season!

Moral of the story: Enjoy what’s in front of you while you can! The three day weekend was given to you in order to be enjoyed. Have fun and be safe!

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