A BBQ Guide to Texas

texas-barbecue-cookbookWith the start of high school, college and pro football just around the corner, tailgating season is upon us! This is one of the greatest times of the year in Texas, when friends and familis can get together and relax with food and fun. What this also means is a chance to enjoy some time with friends outside a stadium, in a parking lot, in a living room or in a backyard. Whatever the location of the event accompanying football’s festivities, a good food lineup is a necessity. Daunted by the challenge of feeding all your best friends? Don’t be! With Texas BBQ 101 Cookbook, the mountain has been made into a molehill! From a barbacoa recipe to your traditional steak primer, this book will get your grill goin’ during the hectic fall football season. Don’t have the utensils and tools you need to get the job done? Well, refer to this post about some of the great items at Texas Treats that can help equip you the right way.

Other than a good Texas Chili that may help on some of the cooler Fall weekends, think about some of the good rubs – featured back in the Spring – that could add that certain spice to the meal, making your guests rejoice at the tasty bounty before them. Also, don’t forget about the appetizer that keeps guests calm as they await that slow-cooked slab of meat roasting on the grill: chips and salsa! You can even take it a step farther with the salsa/queso combo that Texas Treats offers. This diversifies the appetizer options, appeasing guests who may not like salsa (if they exist somewhere…). Guests at tailgates can be quite ornery if they have not been fed properly before the actual meal starts.

As a tailgating tip for newbies: never go it alone! Tailgating is meant to be a shared experience where everyone brings a little bit to the table, so organize with your friends and family who will bring what in the week leading up to the big event. That way, when everyone arrives they can share and enjoy the joys of good food together from the many hands that helped prepare it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try a dish you’ve never prepared before. The cookbook is sure to have some recipes that you’ve never heard of, but the reason they made it into the book is that they have been tested and passed with flying colors! After all, with greater risk can come greater reward! Happy tailgating!

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