History of the Red River Rivalry

red-river-rivalryIt’s Texas v. OU weekend. While this weekend’s game (and the past couple of years) have not featured an overly exciting match-up, we should not forget the great history this game has. Since 1929, the Texas v. OU game has always taken place in Dallas. When the Cotton Bowl Stadium opened in 1932, the game moved there for good. While recent times have witnessed talks of moving the game to Jerryworld (also known as AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play), they currently have a contract to keep the game at the Cotton Bowl until 2020.

It would be difficult to imagine this game played outside the confines of the corny dogs and funnel cake aroma that comes with the State Fair. Football and the fair were made for one another! While the desire to make that extra buck drives decision makers, here at Texas Treats we are just happy with the present state of affairs. For the time being, the game is where it should be.

So what’s up with all the excitement of this game? In Runnin’ with the Big Dogs: The Long, Twisted History of the Texas-OU Rivalry, author Mike Shropshire says, “The excitement is due in large part to the raw and dynamic history of the two states involved, from the Indian wars to the oil boom. Before statehood Oklahoma was known as Indian Territory, so this Red River Shootout is Cowboys and Indians all over again.” Besides the fact that this game has a book about it, the author hits on an important point. Texans don’t like Oklahomans stompin’ on their territory. The Red River marks a divide of loyalties. After all, this game has provoked a bloodless war between the two states before.

With the overall series record favoring Texas 59-43-5, the series since 2000 has been largely dominated by the Sooners. The last two years have been especially heart breaking for Texas, with the average margin of victory for Oklahoma being 41 points! No one like to see a massacre on the field (except possibly Sooners).

So, if you are planning to have a party for this game make sure you choose your side wisely! While Aggies and Red Raiders might love to see the Longhorns get embarrassed again, the game has implications for all football fans in Texas. As with any tailgate, make sure to keep Texas Treats in mind for your preparations.

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