Thanksgiving Trimmings: The First Thanksgiving

Here at Texas Treats, we like to give thanks for what we have received. Thanksgiving is a natural time to do that. So, today’s Thanksgiving Trimmings wants to take a look at how this holiday started in order to help us see how far we’ve come from those difficult colonial days.

Every year in Elementary School, our children learn about the Pilgrims, Indians, and the First Thanksgiving. With necklace popcorn, construction paper turkeys, and cotton ball beards they get together in big circles to share all of the gifts that they have with one another. Nothing like a bunch of children sharing to portray what true blessing consists of!

The First Thanksgiving was probably the exact same way (cotton beards and all)!

Pilgrim Harvest SceneOr was it? As the colonists settled in for the harsh New England winter in 1621, they feared how to brave the coming climate. However, they understood that one should not fear the future and forget the present. So, they gave thanks for the blessings that had been provided with the harvest that season. In order to do this, they gathered together the newly harvested food and sent the men out to hunt wild game (sounds like some places in Texas!). The local Indian tribe, the Wampanoag with chief Massasoit and Squanto, heard the hunters’ guns going off and came to see what all the hubbub was about. They feared war. However, what they found was their new friends preparing for a feast. Since the settlers did it in style, the Indians were warmly welcomed to join in the several day-long feast. They even brought a few deer themselves! Turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie, potato, deer meat, nuts, seafood, and root vegetables made up that Thanksgiving meal. With the help of their Native American friends, the colonists were able to gather enough supplies to enjoy the Fall before the danger of winter came.

Truly a thankful occasion.

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