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Tips For Taking On The Texas Beaches In The Winter

Winter in Texas is a funny thing, ain’t it?! One day it’s hats, gloves and winter coats and the next it’s short-sleeves, jeans and sunglasses. Who are we kidding… the temperature changes just like that in a single hour in … Continue reading

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Time To Warm Up Our Engines With A Lil’ Texas Heat

Aren’t we all about tired of this frigid air? 2013 ended with a winter storm that left 250,000 people without power and thousands stranded in their homes or at the airport due to the ice storm that hit Texas in … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Party Prep: How To Make It Super!

Well, football fans, the Super Bowl is almost here. We are just over a week away from crowning this year’s NFL champion.  This not only means that many fans’ hearts are already broken but also that parties are being planning … Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Winter!

As the cold air seeps through the cracks in your house, causes your nose to run after a few minutes outside, or chills your bones it might be time for a warm remedy to nip the cold in the bud. … Continue reading

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Museum Season

With winter weather still going strong, having activities to keep kids occupied and avoid cabin fever is very important. Texas Treats understands this situation, and is here to help join with ya in the fight to keep kids happy! After … Continue reading

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A Texas Trinket

Don’t trust your local weather person who always tells you the temperature of their part of the city but never seem to get your area correct? Well, Texas Treats can help ya out a bit here. We have a thermometer that … Continue reading

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Winterfest 2014!

One of the great parts of living in Texas is that the winter does not mean lock the doors and stay inside. In fact, at some times we can comfortably have events outside that only call for a light jacket! … Continue reading

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The Cold Means Cocoa

Well, the weather outside is frightful (for Texas at least…). Hopefully, you have a fire going that is oh so delightful! In this January weather with that sharp wind that cuts straight to the bone, its important to stay warm. … Continue reading

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Marathons, Marathons everywhere

If you are a runner, Jack Frost was not kind to you in December in Dallas. The cancellation of the Dallas Marathon in early during December during the Icemageddon really put a damper on runners who had been training for … Continue reading

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