A Lasso Can Tell a Cowboy All He Needs to Know About You

Who would have ever thought that picking up a rope, launching it overhead, and spinning in a certain way would become a tool for retrieving what may seem to be the unretrievable? If you have kids, this tool may sound appealing. Pet owners know the feeling, too. But most certainly, a Cowboy knows the invaluable worth of the lasso. So how did the idea of taking a basic rope and turning it into a moving mechanism come into existence? We did a little research and found out some fun facts about the history and usage of the lasso from this “What is a Lasso” article. For better or for worse, we also learned how a lasso can tell a Cowboy all he needs to know about you!

  • The lasso is an iconic symbol of the American west.
  • A lasso is a length of rope with a running noose on one end for the purpose of catching large livestock.
  • Lassos have been used in North America for hundreds of years, and they were also used in parts of Ancient Egypt.
  • The lasso continues to be a part of the gear of most North and South American ranch hands.
  • Most often made from hemp or rawhide, the stiffness of a lasso keeps the loop open, making it easier to catch an animal, and also makes it easier to handle the lasso.
  • The design allows the user to pull the lasso tight or loosen it relatively easily to release the animal when needed.
  • A lasso can be used to quickly catch a riding horse, and to separate and control cattle and horses from their herds.
  • Skilled ranch hands can operate a lasso quickly, efficiently, and painlessly, with the goal of capturing and controlling as quickly as possible so that the animal does not panic and injure itself or others.

Give your Cowboy our Texas Treats Lasso Mints!

So, how can a Cowboy tell all he needs to know about you? He knows for certain you are not a Cowboy if you call the rope he’s holding in his hands…. a lasso! Cowboys call their lassos – ropes and call using their lasso – roping. So! Should you come across a real, live Cowboy be sure you don’t show your layman-side by calling their rope a lasso!

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