Saddle Up Your Horses, Let’s Mosey Down Memory Lane!

Texas Treats deck of 52 playing cards emblazoned with 'Don't Mess With Texas'

Texas Treats deck of 52 playing cards emblazoned with ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’

In the spirit of Texas History Month we loved this article “9 Things You May Not Know About Texas” by We chose our 5 favorites from their list and adapted them to what we think are some of the biggest and most important parts of Texas history!

Did you know??

  • Then called the Republic of Texas, Texas became its own country in 1836 until it agreed to join the United States in 1845. “Sixteen years later, it seceded along with 10 other states to form the Confederacy. The Civil War forced it back into the Union, where it has stayed ever since. The various flags that have flown over Texas—those of Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States and the Confederacy—inspired the name of the Six Flags amusement park chain, which originated in Texas in 1961.”
  • Texas could have been even bigger! “During its period as an independent country, Texas attempted to expand south and west into what was then Mexico. Even after joining the United States, Texas held on to the idea that it would take a large chunk of the Territory of New Mexico. But as part of the Compromise of 1850, which maintained the balance of power between free and slave states, it relinquished claims to roughly 67 million acres in exchange for $10 million to pay off its debt.”
  • Texas hosted (what was arguably) the last battle of the Civil War. “Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House in April 1865. Yet despite being fully aware of this, Northern and Southern forces squared off the following month in the Battle of Palmito Ranch. The battle, took place on a coastal prairie east of Brownsville, Texas. Ironically, the Confederates won what is considered—in Texas, at least—the last land action of the Civil War.”
  • In 1900, a natural disaster claimed 8,000 lives in Galveston, TX. In Galveston, TX “on September 8, 1900, a Category 4 hurricane slammed the area with a 15-foot storm surge and winds up to 140 miles per hour. Relatively few residents evacuated, in part because U.S. weather forecasters had downplayed warnings from their Cuban counterparts, and an estimated 8,000 people died.”
  • The saying “Don’t mess with Texas” started as an anti-litter message. “In the 1980s Texas spent about $20 million a year cleaning up trash along its highways. “The state Department of Transportation hired an advertising agency to help with its anti-litter campaign. The agency came up with the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas,” which first aired on television during the 1986 Cotton Bowl and has since turned into an unofficial slogan for Texas pride.”

For these and so much more, is why we are so proud of Texas! Yee-haw!

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