Top 10 Historic Texas Attractions: Can You Name ‘Em?!

We’re looking at you, history buffs! How many historical Texas attractions can you think of off the top of your head? (Before we help you out, you might want to jot them down.) For most of us Texas-loving, history-enthusiasts a few historic events could be rattled quickly off the tops of our heads. For the rest of us – we mostly only remember The Alamo. Which is indeed an important one to remember! Keeping in the spirit of March being Texas History month we want to help complete that list by adding nine more important attractions to it. We enthusiastically agreed with these images from “Texas Independence Day: Top 10 Historic Texas Attractions.” But you tell us – which ones are we missing?!

  1. San Jacinto “Where Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna, driving his fleeing Mexican soldados back in a frenzy stopping just short of slaughter.”
  2. The Alamo “The name alone is practically synonymous with ‘last stand’ and ‘heroic struggle.'”
  3. Texas State Capital Building, Austin “Head down to the basement to find pictures of old house classes, including a picture of Lyndon Johnson’s father.”
  4. Big Bend, Far West Texas Gives a “large taste” of geographical history.
  5. Palo Duro Canyon “Known as the ‘Grand Canyon Of Texas’ and Charles Goodight cattle drives, also the home of a Coronado campsite from his journey into Texas in 1541.”
  6. Enchanted Rock “So named because of its significance to Native Americans, and is also a popular spot for out-of-state visitors.”
  7. Marfa, West Texas “‘Giant,’ James Dean’s 1956 movie, was shot in this West Texas town.”
  8. Scholz Garden, Austin “A famous watering hole that was once the favorite haunt of author Billy Lee Brammer.”
  9. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo “Stanley Marsh 3’s half buried, hood down pink Cadillacs are an icon of modern art.”
  10. Mexican Food and BBQs “Mexican food and BBQs ARE Texas. Texas and Mexico have a long and continuous relationship. Mexican food is as big of a part of Texas food culture as the BBQ is.”

trio-1-saucesWe can’t argue with that last one! Traditional Mexican and BBQ foods and flavors is very near and dear to our hearts here at Texas Treats! Thankfully, with our condiments and endless varieties of treats you can bring that flavor burst home with you – and make YOUR kitchen part of a shared history of Texans loving great food and flavors!

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