The Best Flowers to Plant in Your Texas Garden

With a frigid winter behind us, we look forward (at least today!) to a warm spring and an even warmer Texas summer. Texas folks, this past winter was so cold our backyards are probably frowning at all of us, especially if you forgot to cover your plants on those freezing nights. (And there were quite a few freezing nights!) Now that the warm seems to be here to stay, it’s time to add some cheer back to your spring gardens. We’re here to help you know the best plants to pick up this weekend that will survive the hot weather that is upon us. Since we’re the experts of the best Texas-themed gifts, snacks and sweets and not-so-much the best gardening tips, we had to learn from this helpful Dallas Morning News article the “10 flowers that do well in hot weather.” 

So, let’s get to it! Time to roll up your sleeves and pull out your gardening gloves. There are spring gardens that need some TLC this weekend! Ten flowers that love a hot, Texas climate:

  1. BLACK-EYED SUSAN: “The daisylike flowers of this native plant are not only beautiful outside, they are great for cutting to bring indoors, too.”
  2. PINCUSHION FLOWER: “Frilly purple, lavender, pink or white flowers resembling full pincushions attract butterflies and hummingbirds.”
  3. AUTUMN SAGE: “Despite its name, this plant is in bloom now, and will keep on offering up red, purple, lavender, fuchsia or white blooms throughout the summer and deep into the fall.”
  4. VICTORIA BLUE SAGE, MEALY-CUP SAGE: “The species is an easy-to-grow Texas native.”
  5. HOMESTEAD VERBENA: “Vivid purple, 2-inch flower clusters on trailing, dark-green foliage.”
  6. STELLA DE ORO DAYLILY: The golden-yellow flowers are smaller than standard daylilies, but they bloom in profusion into early fall.
  7. PINK SKULLCAP: “The rosy red flowers look a bit like snapdragons and are plentiful from now to fall.”
  8. BLACKFOOT DAISY: “Another tough Texas native, the blackfoot daisy has small white flowers with yellow centers.”
  9. NEW GOLD LANTANA: “There are oodles of pretty lantana color choices, but Kim says that New Gold Lantana is the most reliable performer in this area.”
  10. DWARF MEXICAN PETUNIA: “Large lavender petunialike flowers grow on clumps of dark-green foliage.”



As things heat up this spring, have fun planting your fresh, spring garden and enjoying our Scorchin’ Hot Texas Tub! Full of more treats than you can imagine, make your tastebuds say what your garden is soon to be sayin’, “Yee-Haw!”



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