Shower Your Grill With the Best of Texas Flavors!

Pleasant evenings in April are the perfect time to dust off the grill after a long (and boy do we mean long!) winter. Did you know that Dallas-Fort Worth saw the most freezes in 30 years this past winter, and endured the 20th coldest winter on record?  Your grill most likely will need an extra big dust cloth to get it completely clean! In fact, your grill may be in need of some TLC, feeling forgotten and unloved after staying covered up outside on all those frigid, Texas nights. We often want to show the grill master how to kick things up a notch, but this season we think it’s time to show your grill some love, too. Shower your grill with the best of Texas flavors! Revamp its tastebuds and yours after an icy winter by adding some spice and sizzle to those all those meats headed for the grill! Add Truly Texas Sassy Salt Spicy Seasoning to bland chicken and Sizzlin’ Steak Seasoning to mediocre steak. Your grill will be the recipient of Texas-sized flavors falling through its grate! 

The Best of Texas Gift Basket is full of the most delicious Texas food. Perfect for a chef or grill master! The items even come in a handy Texas shaped gift basket!

best-of-texasThe Best of Texas Gift Basket includes:

    • Truly Texas Texas on Fire Habanero Salsa (16 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Chipotle Con Queso (16 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Fire Roasted Salsa (8 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Fiesta Black Bean & Corn Salsa (8 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Sweet Heat Mini Jalapenos (8 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Sassy Salt Spicy Seasoning (3 oz.)
    • Truly Texas Sizzlin’ Steak Seasoning (3 oz.)

Pain from the winter season will be forgotten by everyone at the first taste of our Best of Texas Gift Basket! Take advantage of these beautiful Texas evenings and get outside and show your grill (and family dinner!) some love!


About texastreats

Howdy! We are a Texas-based company specializing in all things Texan! We have a wide variety of gift items, including food and personalized items, that you can view on our website or see in person at our Frisco store. Orders can be made online, on the phone, or in person at our store. We hope y'all like what you see and come back now, ya hear?
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