How to Show True Texas Hospitality This Easter Weekend

Minivans all around the nation are being loaded today, trunks packed to the rim, DVD players lined up with hours of entertainment, and children rehearsing songs and lines for hours upon end as families head home for Easter weekend. College students are loading up laundry baskets as they hitch rides with friends headed the same direction, all looking forward to a nice, hot meal and a willing parent to help relieve their tall tower of dirty clothes! All cars heading the same direction, perhaps stuck in traffic, but filled with homesick Texans who would do anything to enjoy true Texas hospitality and an Easter meal enjoyed around a table with friends and family.

Inspired by this homesick Texan, we have a fail-safe way of creating the perfectly, warm Texas hospitality for your friends and family en route. Truth is, nothing beats a home who offers you a warm place to sleep, but for the homesick Texan, here’s the best way to welcome him home.

  1. chips_salsaFlower your front porch with Texas blooms. Nothing says “welcome home” like the site of flowers and plants native to Texas. Consider planting Perennial Winecups (purple poppy mallows) mixed with Sundrops and Pink Evening Primrose. A beautiful mixture of spring blooms are like a Texan’s tip of a cowboy hat to your guests!
  2. Arrange bed-side treats with Texas flavors. Tortilla chips and salsa by the bed…need we say more?! Satisfy those cravings immediately by placing a personal stash on the end table! For next time, let us know early, and we can print their name on the label to make sure there’s no confusion!
  3. Dye your Easter eggs in the Texas flag colors! Who says pastels are the ONLY colors for Easter? Not in Texas! Grab some blues, reds and whites and get to dye-ing! Once dried, line your Easter egg basket with a red bandana, hide those eggs and let the hunt begin!
  4. When night falls, take a seat outside and look up. When time is short, you’ve got to make it sweet. Show your guests the best view in Texas, by having them look up to see the stars at night, that shine so bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend together! Happy Easter from our homes to yours!



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