4 Great Ways to Remember Fallen Soldiers This Memorial Day

There are several holidays throughout the year that are marked by time with family and friends, such as the major holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. There are a few other annual holidays that lend themselves to great times shared together with family, Memorial Day is one of these days. A few weeks prior to Memorial Day, invitations are made for friends and family to come gather in backyards, around patio tables, or for a dip in the pool. After the meal list has been divided, the chairs set out, and the fun begins, many want to know how to remember the fallen soldiers, but simply don’t know how to do so collectively as a group.

Patriotism is alive and well in America. There are many ways to remember fallen soldiers, and this article, “Best Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day,” gives excellent ideas on how to do so. We found the ideas irresistible and felt we had to pass them on to you.

  • National Moment of Silence. Many don’t know but at 3pm (local time) “marks a moment of silence in commemoration of America’s fallen heroes and their families, and to do as an act of national unity.” Consider taking a moment of silence as a group in the midst of the festivities to remember the fallen soldiers.
  • Attend a Parade in Your Town. Local Memorial Day parades are a great way to go show your support for war veterans. Wave your flags, say “thank you” to the veterans that are there, and enjoy the patriotic sounds of the parade.
  • Reach Out to Military Families. Many have lost family and friends, and Memorial Day is a bittersweet day. Send a note or give that family a call and acknowledge the sacrificial act of their fallen soldier.
  • Decorate the Gravesite of a Fallen Soldier. Placing flowers or a flag on the tombstone of a fallen soldier, is a simple but powerful act of showing appreciation and respect for his/her sacrifice.

Texas Treats Black Cowboy Hat

The most important thing to do this Memorial Day is remember! Remember the lives of those who were given for your freedom. Wave your flags proudly and enjoy your freedom. It came at a high cost. We should never forget! Here at Texas Treats we respectfully tip our hats to those who have served and who continue to serve our great country. Thank you for fighting for our freedom!

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