School’s Out! Top 5 Ways to Have Fun in Texas with Your Kids

Summers in Texas are not the easiest for finding fun ways to spend the day or weekend. In fact, summer temperatures stay strong in the 80s and 90s and don’t let anyone feel any relief until October returns. That can make for a very long summer with eager kids, unless you have a few good ideas up your sleeve! When running through the sprinkler or taking a dip in the pool has lots its luster, here are our top 5 ways to have fun this summer! Inspired by this article, we put our own twist on the five best!

  1. Galveston Island: Saddle up yer horses (kiddos) and head to the beach! “Galveston is home to many attractions including 32 miles of beautiful beaches, splendid restaurants, top resort hotels, downtown shopping, art galleries, IMAX 3D Theater, Discovery Museum, Ridefilm Theater and Aquarium Pyramid.”
  2. Schlitterbahn Waterpark, New Braunfels: Pony on up to the best water slides in town and let go! “40+ rides including 17 water slides, family wave pool, three uphill water coasters, nine tube chutes, five swimming pools, five hot tubs, seven children’s water playgrounds, plus water and sand volleyball courts.”
  3. Houston Space Center: Before you go bonkers and launch your kids out into space, take ’em on a field trip! “An extremely big glitzy building full of magnetism for kids — motion simulators, theaters by means of heavy-duty sound and seat motions, entertainment areas for little children and a lot more activities particularly for kids to be entertained.”
  4. The River Walk: Teach your children well! Like how to enjoy both history and outdoor scenery at the San Antonio River Walk. “The River Walk is a large place to learn extra on the subject of the history of San Antonio. It winds from side to side the old downtown region and a lot of noted historic sites.”
  5. Dallas World Aquarium: Tired of filling up the ‘ole baby pool? Take your little fishes to see underwater creatures in their own “pools.”  “The entire facility shows species as of five continents, three oceans, 14 countries, and numerous oceans and waterways.”



When the Texas heat and your enthusiastic kids no longer get along this summer, head on out to one of these fun adventures. Take those lemons and make lemonade! And when ya do, keep ’em cool with our Texas flag koozies!

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