5 Tips on How to Beat the Texas Heat

We can go on and on about the grueling Texas summers, can’t we? There is nothing quite like the heat of the Texas sun. Is it as generous with other states as it is with us?! We aren’t so sure! However, the sunshine does bring the opportunity to make great memories outside, especially when water games and shade are involved. BBQs, fishing tournaments, pool parties are great ways to spend the summer, but we do hope you take our tips to heart and do everything you can to beat the Texas heat!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We can’t stress enough how important staying hydrated is in this heat. Take plenty of water with you wherever you go and drink it more often than you do when you spend time inside.
  2. Apply sunscreen generously and often! Nothing ruins summer fun quicker than a sunburn. Bypass the pain and apply lots of sunscreen before you go outside and enjoy the sun without the pain.
  3. Can’t find shade? Make some. Investing in an outdoor patio umbrella may be just the trick for providing a little shade over a baby pool, the patio table or the corn hole game!
  4. Keep your boots on! Or flip flops, of course. It may seem fun to run outside “real quick!” to the car or to the playground, but Texas pavement is unforgiving. Oooooh wee! Keep your shoes on when it’s hot outside. Might just save your feet from crying out from blisters and burns.
  5. When in doubt, sit it out. On the hottest of days, if you feel unprepared to beat the heat with these tips, you might want to just mosey on up to your air conditioned house and stay there! When outdoor temps are sky high it’s worth it to find some really fun indoor games!



Indoors, outdoors, screened-in porches or on the beach, summer snacks are always a fun part of making memories. Texas Treats snacks and sweets come in all shapes and sizes and can turn any frown upside down… young and old alike! Stay safe this summer and don’t stay hungry!


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