How a Texan Says Goodbye to Friends Moseying On

Tie-down roping. Steer wrestling. Saddle bronc riding. Bull riding. Barrel racing. Sound familiar? What else could we be talking about then a good ‘ole rodeo! According to this article about rodeos, “American rodeo, particularly popular today within the Canadian province of Alberta and throughout the western United States, is the official state sport of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Texas.” Yee-haw! Nothing like biting into a turkey leg and taking a big sip of sweet tea while we hoot and holler for our favorite cowboys as they hold on for dear life!

Dating back to the 1820s and 1830s rodeos began as, “Informal events in the western United States and northern Mexico with cowboys and vaqueros testing their work skills against one another.” Today, we load up our cars and head to Fort Worth and see all that we can see. The thrill, the talent, the strongest cowboys seeking to win. There’s nothing like it!

But, as we know, all good rodeos must come to an end.

Sometimes in our lives we meet really special people who make a difference. They are an encouragement to you, teaching you, helping you grow into a better cowboy… er, person each time you interact. Sometimes those friends stay in our lives a good, long time and sometimes they have to mosey on to the next show.

For those Texans out there who need to say “goodbye” to someone special, we hope these Texan sayings help you along!

  1. Like a Texas family looking for the perfect patch of bluebonnets for a picture, we sure were glad to have found you, too.
  2. Though we were glad to have lassoed you in, we’re sad to have to lasso you out.
  3. Like the face of the biggest hog at the Texas State Fair, we don’t have much to smile about either.
  4. As endless as Big Tex is tall, is how long you’ll be missed.
  5. Like tumbleweed in a western town, we’re glad you passed through.


A special insider tip to dry those tears? Head to your local rodeo and let some of that dust of the ground drift onto your face. With all those cattle and bulls, though, make sure it’s only dust that gets too close! And don’t forget! Don’t call that rope in a cowboys hand a lasso – he’ll sure know all he needs to know about you if you do!

Wish your friends some luck as they mosey on to their next rodeo with our Lucky Horseshoe!

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