Entertainment Under the Big, Bright Stars of TX!

Action, Adventure, and Romance, oh my! We all love a great movie and the experience that goes with it. The popcorn and plush seats and cool, dark theater have provided for us countless hours of entertainment and delight. But we don’t want y’all to forget about an experience that Texas (in true Texas fashion) has done right — Drive-in Movie Theaters. During the peak popularity for this phenomenon, Texas hosted close to 400 outdoor theaters, the most in any state! Today there are only a handful left in the Lonestar State but they continue to provide a unique and enjoyable experience ‘neath the big and bright stars over Texas.

Across the U.S.A there are only 338 remaining drive-in theaters. While the number of theaters seem to be dwindling, the drive-in theaters have held their place with a tenacity and determination that’d make any cowboy proud. This old-fashioned pastime has struck a chord in the hearts of Americans because of it’s simplicity, affordability, and down-right fun. A unique element to the drive-in experience is the built-in opportunity to talk with friends or family before the movie starts. Instead of spending all your time just staring at a big screen, you can chat and munch on some snacks while watching the sun set. It’s even easy to talk with other folks if you feel so inclined!

Before the sun sets on another Texas Summer, why not take the kids or some friends to a Drive-In Movie Night? Theaters are scattered all over the Lonestar State, so find the one that’s closest to you and enjoy yourself, ya hear?


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