Football in the Lonestar State

High School football season in Midland TexasMany Americans associate the Lonestar state with professional football teams this time of year. Rivalries are re-ignited and team insignia are found in practically every restaurant, car bumper, and cubicle. While we do have a presence in the professional football world, Texas is most passionate about the beginnings of glory: high school football. Friday Night Lights anyone?

According to this United Sports of America, if every state had to choose a sport – Texas would choose high school football. Jon Lee Smith is a historian who has dedicated much of his life to collecting, compiling, and presenting statistics solely on Texas High School football. His contributions even landed him in the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame!

While we may not have all the statistical prowess of Mr. Smith we can agree that a high school football game is one of the most all-American of Fall pastimes! What better reason to gather with friends and family than to fill up the silver bleachers, cheer for your local boys, and talk strategy with all the other proud parents? Even if you don’t know any player personally, the atmosphere of a high school football game is sure to make for a fun family night or date night!

 Here are some tips for enjoying a good ol’-fashioned evening of football:

1. Pack a blanket – It can get chilly when the sun goes down and if the bleachers fill up, your seat will end up being a patch of grass. Having a blanket to sit on could save you from a soggy, dirty bottom or frozen appendages! Also, if you’re hankering to get cozy with your date, sharing a blanket to “keep warm” is a great strategy.

2. Bring cash – Most high school football stadiums do not allow outside food or drink in the hopes that you will spend some dough at the PTA – operated concession stands. To keep things simple and avoid credit card fees, many concession stands will only accept cash. So don’t disappoint your popcorn-craving kids with the, “Oops, they only take cash!” line. Be prepared and support your local area schools!

3. Check your wardrobe – Be sure to study up on what teams are playing and the colors of the rival team. Nothin’ like showing up and looking like you belong on the other set of bleachers! We’re pretty friendly here y’all but, we have our limits.

Enjoy yourself, folks! Football is back and we couldn’t be more ready to cheer on our local favorites and support our area high schools. It’s just one more thing that makes Texas the fine state it is!

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