Outdoors in TX – The Opportunities Are Endless!

A stunning view From Big Bend National Park

A stunning view From Big Bend National Park

You may not think of the Lone Star State as being a prime location to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, but you would be a darned fool to miss all the outdoor opportunities that Texas has to offer! With over 100 State parks, Texas has more than enough to keep you and your family busy during this time of the year. We’re full to the brim with fun festivals, camping sites, and many thrill-seeking adventures.

After a scorching summer, spending time in the cooler weather is a popular pastime for many families before the weather starts to be too cold. Activities on the lake such as tubing will give way to hunting parties and long weekends spent around a warm campfire. If you tend to lean on the more adventurous side of life, consider parasailing or skydiving over the grand plains of Texas! The view is bound to take your breath away.

If being outdoors has been something you think you would enjoy but you don’t have the TX Treats - Longhorn Trail Mixskills to make it happen, check out the Texas Outdoor Family program. This program teaches you and your family all you need to know and provides you with all the necessary equipment for a fun-filled camping weekend. You will have to provide your own food, however, so be sure to bring snacks that will satisfy those Texas tastebuds! We’ve got everything from Longhorn Trail Mix to Texas Firecrackers so be sure to stock up.

Looks like y’all are out of excuses for missing out on all that the great Lone Star State has to offer you this Fall. Now get outside and blow the stink off,  ya hear?

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