Texas Turkey Time

Thanksgiving TurkeyHere in the Lone Star State we’re gearing up for the beloved holiday of feasting, family, and football. Ahhh Thanksgiving, you just don’t get the credit you deserve for how awesome you are. One of the most anticipated elements of this fine holiday is the turkey. As the centerpiece of the feast, the turkey is prepared with much care and planning.

Cooking the turkey takes most of the day and can sometimes be a burden for the hostess to tend to and check on. But in Texas, we like doing things our way and a lot of times that means we do things differently.

If you’re hoping to bring in some Texas spirit to the table this year, why not try abandoning the traditional oven-cooked turkey and consider some Texas-style alternatives: Grilled turkey or Deep-Fried.

The concept of a deep-fried turkey originated in the South (the origin of many marvelous ideas), but has spread in popularity all over the nation. In light of this growing popularity, the National Turkey Federation (which is a real thing, y’all), has given very helpful instructions on how to safely prepare this delicious masterpiece.

Be sure you know what you’re doing before you tackle this endeavor because deep-fried turkey cooking fires can be a real hazard. In fact, the Lone Star State has held the record for most grease/cooking-related fires on Thanksgiving Day for the past 7 years. Now y’all, we love your enthusiasm but let’s not make this the 8th year in a row, k? Plus, inviting the fire department over to hose down your Thanksgiving turkey is probably not the best way to impress the in-laws.

Grilling a whole turkey is also a new take on the old tradition. It typically takes less time than the oven-baked approach and also frees up some space for other yummy dishes to bake while the turkey is hanging out in your grill. An added bonus is the barbecue flavor you can add to it, making it a real taste of Texas!

Be sure to come back for our next post that will highlight delicious rubs and seasonings to take your Turkey to the next level!




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