10 Reasons to be Thankful for The Lone Star State

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

For those of us who are lucky enough to live here, we can think of a million reasons to show appreciation for the Lone Star State. For those poor unfortunate souls who aren’t as lucky, we thought we’d compile a list of things to be thankful for about our fine state so they can read it and high-tail it over here!


Keeping in the spirit of Thanksgiving, these are a few things we are grateful for about Texas, Our Texas!

1. Bluebonnets – The sweet and cheerful messengers of Springtime that perk up every interstate median. It’s not every day you drive on a highway and see families sittin’ in the medians with matchin’ outfits and a photographer!

2. Friday Night Lights – High School Football has defined the heartbeat of Texas for as long as we can remember. You haven’t really experienced football until you go to one of these games, that’s just the facts.

3. No state income tax – Need we say more?

4. Gruene Dance Hall What’s not to love about Texas’ longest-running dance hall? It’s the perfect place to make new memories, reminisce about the good ‘ol times and get a refreshing taste of the true Texan spirit.

5. San Antonio’s Riverwalk Our most popular tourist attraction and it’s not hard to see why! Nothing is quite as enchanting and electrifying as the Riverwalk. With countless opportunities to shop, dine, play and explore, you’re sure to get caught up in the twinkling lights and friendly conversations that bounce off of the river.

6. Blue Bell Ice Cream A true symbol of all that is sweet and good about the Lone Star State. It’s hard to feel gloomy with hand-cranked, frozen sunshine in your belly!

7. Tex-Mex – A delicious combination of the stubborn, tenacious Texas spirit with the bold flavors of Mexico. Eating Tex-Mex is like experiencing a fiesta of seasonings, originality, and lots and lots of queso. If you don’t love Tex Mex, you’re doing it wrong.

8. Big Bend National Park One of the most remote areas of all the lower 48 states, this is a hidden jewel of breathtaking skies and unforgettable landscapes. Even if you aren’t the camping type, Big Bend accommodates all the weary and stressed-out folk with comfortable lodging and an opportunity to unplug and unwind.

9. Southern Hospitality – We know that sometimes our open smiles and tendency to look people in the eyes may leave those Northeasterners scratching their heads but we’re convinced that a grateful and kind approach to the people around you creates an environment worth livin’ in. We keep it friendly round here, y’all. Sorry not sorry. 😉

A typical day at Ft. Worth Stockyards

A typical day at Ft. Worth Stockyards

10. Ft. Worth Stockyards – Every stereotype is born out of at least a little bit of truth. Our list wouldn’t be complete without a tipped hat to the fellers and ma’am’s that represent a way of life that involves muddy boots, hog-tyin’, and bull-wranglin’. Comin’ to the Stockyards is a great way to rub shoulders with the real-deal cowboys and cowgirls of Texas. We couldn’t be more proud of ’em.

Obviously we could go on and on ’til the cows come home, but we want to hear from you too!

What would you add to this list of reasons to be thankful for our beloved Texas?

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