Navigatin’ a Texas Thanksgiving Conversation – A Guide for “You guys”

TX Treats - Thanksgiving Dinner - Labeled for ReuseHappy Thanksgivin’ y’all! We sure hope your day keeps you focused on the blessin’s of life! We at Texas Treats are grateful for all the people who have trusted us to bring a bit of Texas cheer into their life through our many gift baskets and Texas-themed goodies. We love bein’ a part of your lives and representin’ this fine state to so many others!

Since it’s Thanksgivin’ Day, we wanted to give the unfamiliar-non-Texan a brief tutorial on the Texas vernacular in case you’re feeling a bit out of your element. Even though the Texas twang may be on it’s way out in some parts of the state, we’re determined to keep the traditional Texas-talk alive and well!

Most Texan folk don’t bother with completing any word that ends in “-ing” so if you’re spending the holidays with some Texans, don’t be confused if they start saying things like, “I’m fixin’ to get some seconds of that Turkey!” or if they say, “I’m near about past goin’.” that just means they’re tuckered-out and likely suffering from food coma. If your feast has knocked em to that level, you can certainly take that as a compliment! Texans know how to enjoy and appreciate their vittles (that’s food, y’all)!

Upon arriving at a Texas home, you may hear something like, “Look what the cat dragged in!” and someone might ask you to put on your sittin’ britches. Don’t be alarmed and for Pete’s sake, don’t change your trousers! Those are just ways of greetin’ ya and inviting you into a warm and welcome home.

When discussing relatives, it’s likely you’ll encounter some creative expressions about your great aunt Sally or crazy uncle Herbert. Let’s just say that you don’t want anyone saying you’ve “Got a big hole in your screen door” or are “A few pickles short of a barrel.” If things start gettin’ hot in the kitchen and someone says the hostess is “dancing in the hog trough” well, best to just leave her be for a bit.

Most importantly, just relax and enjoy the often-imitated and never-duplicated southern hospitality. For more phrases you may encounter, check out this list of some favorite Texas phrases!

Oh, and if some tells you, “The barn door’s open and the mule’s trying to run.” Check your pants zipper, partner.

Happy Thanksgivin’!



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