Navigating The Texas Climate

Family_jumpIt only takes a few months of living in Texas to discover that our weather patterns are fairly predictable during the summer months (spoiler alert: it’s HOT), and strictly unpredictable during the winter months.

It isn’t unusual to blast the heat on your morning commute and drive home that same day with your windows down, taking in the 70 degree sunshine and breeze. For people who are new to living in the Lone Star State this can be a frustrating element of their new hometown.

“When, if ever, do I pack up my summer clothes?”

“How do you choose what you’re going to wear when there’s a 40 degree temperature difference from morning to evening?”

And, if you hail from the land of the Yankees, you’re probably looking out at the thin layer of snow in your front yard that caused an entire city to shut down. We Texans are a fine and resourceful group of people but we aren’t keen on snow, ok? While we may not be the #1 most unpredictable weather spot on the United States, it appears that the Midwest is ripe with unpredictable weather patterns!

Our humble suggestion to those of you who find yourself sweating in your winter scarves and shivering in your skirts — always pack a light jacket! Keep one in the car, or in the office as a way of being prepared for the new climate you’ll encounter as you leave your workday. If you drop your kids off at childcare, you might as well provide them with a light  jacket as well, but don’t be surprised if you find them running around in a tank top and shorts when you dropped them off in mittens and a winter coat.

Part of what makes Texas so great is the flexibility of her citizens! And don’t worry, we won’t judge you when we see you dressed completely backwards and looking frazzled in your parka as we enjoy 80 degree February days and 30 degree February nights. Just think — you’ve got the whole summer to know exactly what the weather will be like on every. single. day. 😉


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