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Resolved: Spread the Texas Lovin’!

Howdy y’all! Happy New year to ya! We hope you had a great time saying goodbye to 2014 and are looking forward to all that a brand new year has to offer. Each year many people make New Years Resolutions … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Seasonings!

We all enjoy diggin’ in to the holiday bird. The dripping juices, the savory scents, it’s always an experience to remember! Chances are your table will also boast all kinds of “secret recipes” with “grandma’s special sauce” and “Aunt Mary’s … Continue reading

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5 Texas Ways to Plan a “Stay At Home” Valentine’s Date!

A true Texan likes Valentine’s Day dates that are slow and easy. Not spent waiting until 9pm to have dinner in an over-crowded restaurant where you sit so close to your neighbor it’s like you’re celebrating the romantic holiday together! … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Party Prep: How To Make It Super!

Well, football fans, the Super Bowl is almost here. We are just over a week away from crowning this year’s NFL champion.  This not only means that many fans’ hearts are already broken but also that parties are being planning … Continue reading

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A Texas Fall calls for Texas Chili

While the “weather people” (i.e. wikipedia weather sites) like to call the Texas winter mild that does not mean that Texans don’t know what cold is. Heck, with the 106 degree summers that drag on forever, no wonder 50 degrees brings out … Continue reading

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