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The Lady in Blue

As our Yankee neighbors are buried in snow, the Midwest is blanketed in all manner of ice and wintery mess, and even parts of Texas have felt the icy chill of winter, we’re here to say — we’re ready for … Continue reading

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Navigatin’ a Texas Thanksgiving Conversation – A Guide for “You guys”

Happy Thanksgivin’ y’all! We sure hope your day keeps you focused on the blessin’s of life! We at Texas Treats are grateful for all the people who have trusted us to bring a bit of Texas cheer into their life … Continue reading

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Entertainment Under the Big, Bright Stars of TX!

Action, Adventure, and Romance, oh my! We all love a great movie and the experience that goes with it. The popcorn and plush seats and cool, dark theater have provided for us countless hours of entertainment and delight. But we … Continue reading

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March is Texas History Month! Remember the Alamo

It’s our favorite month of the year! Texas History Month! To honor our Texan history, we remember a monumental event that occurred in March almost 200 years ago. On March 6, 1836 the Mexican army attacked the Alamo in the … Continue reading

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10 Amazing Facts About Texas: Did You Know??

There is never an end to the amazing facts there are to know about Texas! As a state so big, it’d be impossible to cover every little inch and detail. We’ve done a little research and decided these fun facts … Continue reading

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Big Texas, Big Colleges

I’m sure you’ve heard about how everything in Texas is bigger. Any state that is the home of Big Tex (he is coming back!) and an appetite for BBQ that can create this kind of grill to be used for … Continue reading

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Honorary Texan

The right to be called a Texan is a privilege that all Texas residents, current and past, speak of proudly. While for many the process to become a Texan requires living in this great state long enough to fall in … Continue reading

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Texas Presidential Libraries

April 25, 2013 was a momentous day for the state of Texas and the city of Dallas. Local, national, and foreign political leaders from all over the world came together to celebrate the opening of the President George W. Bush … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many People Moving To Texas?!

To those of us who love Texas (and have since the day we were born) it may seem a bit odd that just now some are finally figuring it out! A recent increase of new residents making their way to … Continue reading

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Stay Ahead of the Rodeo…er, Game! Texas Gift Bags are Perfect for Gifting!

Did you know? The Lone Star Flag was actually adopted as the national flag of the Republic of Texas in January 1839. When Texas became the 28th state of the Union in December 1845 the national flag became the state … Continue reading

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